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There are several reasons why you need plumbing services such as when the faucets for your sinks continue to produce water long after you turned them off or the toilet is running for hours after the initial flush. Is the toilet, sink or garbage disposal clogged? Do you have a strange smell coming from the drains? Metro Vancouver Plumbing can help with all those issues and more including bathroom remodeling, installation of showers, tubs, toilet, water lines, drains, water heater installation, and water main issues. No job is too big or too small for Metro Vancouver Plumbing. More info here on our Port Coquitlam Services. We offer services on virtually any plumbing or heating problem that may arise within your home.

Boiler Repair and Replacement

boiler service vancouver

Do you see signs you indicating you might be in need boiler maintenance? These signs include your fuel bill rising, unusual noises coming from the heating unit, having a water leak or the water having an unusual smell to it. Knowing what to look for can help you quickly diagnose the problem. If you're boiling unit is not working at a hundred percent, it will become costly, and that’s a very good reason to call for services or repairs.

Your boiler unit should make some noise consistently throughout the day. It's the unusual noises that warrant a phone call. Not fixing the problem could cost you hundreds in replacement costs when all it needs is a proper repair. Metro Vancouver offers repair and replacement in areas such as Coquitlam, jump over here to know more.

Furnace Repair & Maintenance

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If your furnace is blowing out cold air, this defeats the purpose of it heating your home and tells you that it is time to call for furnace repair. When your electric bills start going up in relation to the amount you use your unit, this indicates it is of poor quality and it may be time to consider replacing your furnace. Is there water pooling around your unit?

This typically means that the condensation line is clogged or there is a break in the line and should be fixed immediately. Metro Vancouver Plumbing also give furnace services needs in Port Moody, read here for more details.

Garburator Repair

Why does a garbage disposal not turn on

Garburators are plumbing units designed to eliminate food wastes with water via the drain in your sink. Like any appliance in your home, the waste disposing unit will also need maintenance repairs from time to time.

If the unit is jammed, operating poorly, leaking water, or broken beyond repair then it is definitely time to give Metro Vancouver Plumbing a call. We can help with all your garbage disposal repair or replacement needs. Check this out for our New Westminster plumbing services.

Water Heater Repair and Replacement

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Are you trying to decide whether to repair your hot water heater or to replace it completely?We can help you choose what kind of system would be the best suited for you. After all, there are many options to choose from and without a trained eye or knowledge of what’s on the market, it can be hard to make this decision on your own.

If you notice water accumulating around the base of the heating unit or where the pipes are connected this is a sign you need a repair ASAP. We are here to help with all your water heater repair and replacement needs whether you're in Vancouver or Burnaby, read here for more detailed info.

Sewer Line Repair

When it comes to sewer line repair we’ve got you covered. Several factors can cause damage or leaks to your unit resulting in an emergency service call from a licensed plumber for residential sewer line repair or replacement. For example, the age of your drainage units and water pipe is a big factor in whether you need fixes or a full replacement of the unit.

No matter how old your unit is, it is still susceptible to harm from cracks and leaks, especially around the coupling. Underground tree roots pose a major hazard to your unit. As the roots grow over time they can puncture the unit. More details on this page to get your sewer repair in North Vancouver today.

Water Main and Burst Pipes

burst pipe repair services

The most common cause for a broken lines or leaks is corrosion in the pipes. Older pipes are usually made of iron, and iron rusts over a long period of time. Corrosion can either block your pipes as rust blocks in the inside of the pipe, or the corrosion can create a hole or a crack in your pipe, making the leak.

Over time the walls of your pipes will thin out from aging and wear and tear, leaving to a breakdown of the pipes resulting in leaks. The high pressure of the water traveling through the pipes will cause pipes to burst. Don’t let a small leak become a major disaster, take advantage of our water main and burst pipe repair services in Vancouver areas, go here for more details..

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