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Are you looking for the best plumbing in New Westminster, BC? We are a licensed New Westminster plumber with over two decades in the plumbing business. You could check here to know more about New Westminster. We can handle whatever fixtures problems you have, whether it is commercial and residential plumbing. Give us a call or request for a free quote. If you have a leaky sink, a flooded kitchen, gas leak, broken garbage disposal or a busted water main, our licensed technicians can fix your problem right the first time.

When you need New Westminster plumbing repair, heating services, plumbing fixtures and even thermocouple repairs, installations and replacement and inspection, make sure to request none other than Metro Vancouver Plumbing in BC. We’re here to help you with many gas fitting assistances such as new construction, renovations to existing buildings, and safety checks for all home styles. Let MVP install the best devices to give you the best in home energy savings.

MVP can handle all of your problems, get your plumbing issue fixed by calling 604-210-6506 or email

Why Choose Metro Vancouver Plumbing Company?

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When you’re looking for the best plumbing services, you don’t have to look at plumbing company reviews to find the best skilled plumber. All you have to do is contact or request us at MVP. We offer the best plumbing company in the New Westminster area. After more than twenty years of experience, we have the knowledge and expertise to handle all of your problems. When you need assistance in New Westminster BC, contact us at MVP Company! Our expert plumbing contractors in heating are licensed and bonded with the right tools and knowledge to correct your problem, whether you need routine or you have an urgent situation. For the best prices and excellent service in New Westminster, contact us at MVP Company today! Contact our 24/7 emergency plumbing line for our fast and reliable assistance to a wide service area.

Learn more about MVP or hire a licensed plumber to handle any plumbing problems, such as water line repair in Vancouver, by calling 604-210-6506 or email

DIY Plumbing Tips to Maintain Your Bathroom

The best maintenance is preventative maintenance. For all your repairs and upgrades, remove repair or install a new system today, request us. Our plumbing services will save money on system repairs & maintenance.

  • Placing screens over the water drains will prevent debris from daily activities. Debris from hair and certain hygiene product can build up in the drains of your bathroom resulting in clogs that can damage the drains beyond repairs. See more info here.
  • Clean in and around the faucets and water drains, look for signs of rot and decay in the flooring around the tubs, toilets, and sinks as well as in the tiles. If the floor looks like it is rotting this could be a sign of a major water leak and could be the first sign of serious damage to your bathroom. Read the article here for more help on home DIY hacks.
  • Keep your kitchen drain pipe clean by never pouring oils or grease into your sink or garbage disposal. If you suspect a clog is forming, use drain cleaning solution products to clean the drains. If you do get a clog, try to remove it yourself as soon as possible.
  • Regularly maintain your water and heat generating devices as well as the air intake and exhaust vents on and around the unit. You might need heating contractors in Vancouver for inspection.
  • Have appliance repair done regularly by a licensed professional who specializes in fitting assistances, service assistance, gas installations, someone who can meet all your heating needs, especially in urgent situations?

The last thing you want is a cleaning emergency from a busted pipe. We help with cleaning service and repair cleaning for your plumbing systems. Contact or request us today for a free service estimate and ask a plumber what you can do to help your bathroom stay in perfect working order including the water heater. Our technicians serve thousands of commercial and residential plumbing clients all over the Vancouver BC area. So, whether you are in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, or in Port Moody, Burnaby, BC, or Coquitlam, our technicians are on standby ready to save the day. No matter where in the area you are, we can be there in no time to fix all your broken heating, water pipes, and boiler installation, repairs, and replacement issues. Our plumbing & heating contractors can fix it right the first time.

Hire our plumbing contractor in Port Moody and call Metro Vancouver Plumbing at 604-210-6506 to answer all your plumbing needs.

New Westminster Residential Plumbing Repair Servicing Homeowners and Tenants

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Are you a homeowner, a tenant, or both? If you are a homeowner, a tenant, or both, we understand that not every situation is ideal. Our residential technicians can handle all your homeowner and tenant drainage assistances. Homeowners rely on us to help them with their renovations and upgrades to their bathrooms and kitchens as well as all types of plumbing home repair. Tenants request us for systems assistances for their detached homes, single family house, townhouses, and apartments. We can do it all! Our plumbing and heat contractors can perform any systems installations, repairs, maintenance, and replacement services for you in BC.

At MVP, we recommend our wide array of water, heating, and general plumbing assistance is designed to suit your specific needs and budget, from installation to regular maintenance and repair. We promise the best quality in private and commercial heating, systems and boiler service in Vancouver, BC from a master plumber. With a quality service promise like that, how could you not request us a call for all your plumbing installation, line inspection, and maintenance needs? We have the right plumbing tools for the job.

Any plumbing issues can be easily fixed when you hire a professional plumber from Metro Vancouver Plumbing by just calling calling 604-210-6506 or emailing

New Westminster Commercial Plumbing and Heating for All Types of Local Businesses

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Contact us today for the best commercial plumbers in New Westminster, BC! We specialize in systems for small, medium, and large businesses. Whether your business is industrial, or offices, restaurants, and warehouses, we provide routine maintenance to them all. We also provide plumbing service and repair for installations, inspections, water systems repairs, replacement, and water systems maintenance. We can also help you with any repiping and retrofitting during your upgrades. When you are looking for an emergency commercial plumber, request our emergency line, and we will send out a technician immediately. Contact or request MVP for all your professional plumbing solutions from the best in local plumbing services!

Vancouver’s best plumbers are here to help with any plumbing issues and problems just call 604-210-6506 or email

24 Hour Emergency Plumbing Service in New Westminster – Call Us anytime

Are you searching for the best commercial plumbing companies in BC Canada? When it comes to finding a systems repair and replacement company, there are many things you need to ask yourself. Don’t just turn to the internet searching for “licensed plumbers near me”, or “best heating and plumbing company”, also check the reviews. MVP is BBB accredited with the highest customer satisfaction rating, insured, licensed and bonded, offers plumbing assistances, free estimates, and top-quality heating and from our plumbing contractors website, request the best water heating and service company in all of Canada, MVP.

You don’t have to go far to find good local plumbers. We are actively serving the entire Metro Vancouver and surrounding areas, so request now to get directions to multiple locations or to speak with a representative about your plumbing systems, water heating and heater repair, drainage cleaning products, kitchen systems and bathroom plumbing restoration and urgent gas line repair needs. Schedule or request an appointment today from our local plumbing contractors!

Do you need emergency repairs in New Westminster, BC? We are your number one local plumbing company. Our 24-hour plumber service is always available for those plumbing emergencies that can happen at any time, whether we are prepared for them or not. See here to have an idea on what to do during emergencies. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We respond as needed for emergency any problem: leaky faucet systems, flooded bathrooms, runny toilets systems and faucet replacement. We always have plumbers on call in BC. We will send a licensed plumber who is fast & reliable to fix the problem.

In need of a reliable and licensed plumber? Metro Vancouver Plumbing is ready to help 24/7 just call 604-210-6506.

Free Estimates for Plumbing Repairs

Most of the times, plumbing emergencies are not planned in our budget. We understand that. When you request us, we offer free quotes on repair and service and there are no hidden charges. The quote you receive is the price that you will pay. We provide 24-hour service with trusted professionals and licensed technicians so you know you are getting the best plumber service for all your drainage & heating systems needs. Everything from repair on gas and electric heaters, to furnace repair and cleaning, the valve, element, and thermostat, we do it all. Please keep in mind that cost will vary depending on the type of unit you require. We service the entire metro Vancouver area in many locations on demand, including North and West Vancouver, and the cities of Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, BC, and New Westminster. Contact us now for a free estimate or service request and let us fix your water heating problem. No one likes a cold shower; let us get you to the right water temperature! MVP is only a phone call away. Contact or request us at (604) 210-6506 or send a message to

Their plumber spent hours trying to clear our clogged drain from the upper floor in our more than 70 year old house. Obviously an old house with no to little access and it was difficult to get in. Their staff worked very well and handled the situation carefully, so that our sinks are drained well. Kudos!

John L., New Westminster BC

We called Metro Vancouver Plumbing to install a new gas boiler with an indirect water tank. The technician who came over was very friendly and knowledgeable. Their staff even stayed a little late just to finish everything in a day. I'm very satisfied. Thanks!

Robert P., New Westminster BC