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Metro Vancouver Plumbing is your go-to source for all your gas repair needs and gas fitting in Vancouver. We offer a wide range of services that include gas line installations and service, checking for leaks and safety inspections and so much more. Our experienced gas fitters are trained in both commercial and residential gas unit repairs, service and installations. We also offer plumbing, Vancouver gas fitting and device installation as well as repair and servicing for gas dryers, ranges, stoves, and ovens by our licensed gas plumbers. Need plumbing service, heating and installations assistance or upgrade for gas fitters? Need to know about gas line leak repair cost or the cost to install a quick connect gas line for bbq? Call Metro Vancouver Plumbing and get all your questions answered by our friendly and experienced professionals. We can help with all your heating repair services, upgrades and installation needs for boilers, barbecues, fireplaces, heaters, and furnaces. We will even offer $250 off a furnace installation and replacement apart from gas unit services by one of our trained gas fitter in Vancouver.

Whether you need plumbing contractors service, heating service, repairs, gas units service, line hookups, connections, repairs to your line, valve repairs or replacement and even thermocouple repairs, installations and replacement and inspection, Metro Vancouver Plumbing has got your problems covered. We’re here to help you with many gas fitting services such as new construction, renovations to existing buildings, and safety checks for all home styles. Let Metro Vancouver Plumbing install the best devices to give you the best in home energy savings. Check this helpful source to know more about gas.

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Why Choose Natural Gas for Your Home

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Natural gas is an odorless and colorless, fuel that is desired for its cleanliness. Natural gas has many uses including energy. It is created in the same way as oil but is much cleaner to use. Choosing natural fuel over electric comes with many benefits. In fact, many homeowners are making the switch from electric to gas heating devices for several reasons. The biggest reason is that natural fuel is so much more affordable than electric heating options. Natural gas burns much cleaner making it safer and better for the environment. Understand more what natural gas is before you decide to get it for your home.

Natural gas is versatile, dependable and reliable. Even when the electricity is down, you can bet your unit will still be there for all your heating needs. Just think of the savings on your electric bill if you make the switch to natural fuel. How many appliances do you use that could easily be switched over to natural gas? If you stopped using electricity for your stove, dryer, furnace, and heaters, you would be saving thousands on your electric bill. Call one of our qualified licensed gas fitting contractors to request a quote and answer all of your natural gas repairs, plumbing, maintenances and installation questions.

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Signs Your Gas Line Needs Repair or Maintenance

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Your senses are your best weapon in spotting gas leaks. When using gas as a fuel source for heating your home such as natural gas or propane, your sight, hearing, smell, and sense of touch is the easiest way to find an issue with your unit line. A faulty line poses many dangers, but do you know what to look for? There are several indicators that your line has leakage and need repairs or maintenance from a licensed Vancouver gas fitter. If the pilot light on the device is hard to light, this could be one indication that a gas line leak repair is necessary. Have you noticed that your gas bill has gone up?

This could be an indication that you have a leak, dig this article for more useful info. It is a common misconception that you only have a leak if you smell gas, this is not true. Although smelling gas is an obvious sign that you have a leak; it is not the only sign. Marks or stains on the line, hookups and utilities are another indication that gas is leaking into your home. Even something as simple as your unit making unfamiliar noises can be a good indication that there is a leak in your line or an issue with your gas powered devices. If you find a leak, turn off your gas heating immediately, leave the premises and when you are a safe distance away from the home, call the fire department. Once the fire department declares your home safe, call the best gas fitter in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Plumbing and a licensed gas plumber will conduct natural gas line leak repair and make your home safe again.

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DIY Tips to Maintain Your Gas Appliances

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Not every gas issues require a technician. There are several things you can do yourself to properly maintain your appliances. First of all, unplug any device before attempting to do any maintenance. Start by cleaning the grills by lifting them out and placing them in the sink with hot water. Let them set for several minutes. Using a toothbrush, clean on and around the burners making sure to get all the debris left behind from cooking. Avoid using any appliance when the flame is yellow or orange. Never use your gas range to heat your home; this is very dangerous to the unit and to the safety of your home. Get directions on the appliances from a gas contractor to ensure safety. MVP's plumbing in West Vancouver can help you solve gas appliance maintenance.

Regularly maintain your devices as well as the air intake and exhaust vents on and around the unit. Have appliance repair done regularly by a licensed professional who specializes in fitting services, service plumbing, gas installations, someone who can meet all your heating needs, especially in emergency situations. Always follow the directions for the heating unit provided by the manufacturer. This ensures that you not only use the device the way it was designed but that you keep you and your family safe from harm. To our contractors, heating your home is top priority. With quality service from licensed and bonded technicians who specialize in installation services of energy sources and replacements serving the entire Vancouver BC and the lower mainland area both residential and commercial. Send us a message today.

Lastly, Metro Vancouver Plumbing can help with piping, cleaning services and install new heating units for you. Always keep your units, especially your gas heating range, clean and free of debris to get the best service out of it. The buildup of oils and grease from cooking on the top of your range is a fire hazard that is easily prevented by simply wiping down the range after every use. The common misconception is that gas is very dangerous because of the risks of leaks into your home but in reality, it is no different than using electric appliances. Licensed experts gas plumbers for plumbing & heating, serving Vancouver can help answer all your safety questions and service on natural gas plumbing installation. Our heating contractor can present a certificate of qualification and gas fitters certificate for all gas fitting services to show we are licensed. Located in Vancouver, including all our servicing area, we specialize in emergency water tank replacements serving all areas of Vancouver and surrounding area with new piping preventative maintenance water service, installation and repair, industrial gas fitter services.

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Gas leak can happen at any time, be it day or night. So, whether it’s Christmas morning or the family reunion, we are here to help with your gas units’ installation and plumbing requirements. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days week, no need to worry about opening hours, so that we can always provide you with the best in natural gas repair, installations, and maintenance service. Metro Vancouver Plumbing offers all our customers a free estimate so you never pay more than expected for services. Our expert professional technicians are certified and have the best customer service in the business, always on standby ready to serve your emergency gas fitting needs with the best experts in the business. Just check our customer testimonials.

We offer Vancouver gas fitting services and installations to the entire Metro Vancouver BC area including the cities of Vancouver and surrounding Vancouver, Maple Ridge, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Port Moody, Port Coquitlam, New Westminster, North Vancouver, and West Vancouver. No job is too big, or too small for Metro Vancouver Plumbing. Whether it's appliances, furnaces, heaters or lines, we are here for all your gas fitting services. Give our heating contractors a service call today to ensure your home is heating safe, with an energy star certificate, energy efficient systems and ready to service whatever life throws your way. We are committed to your customer satisfaction! Metro Vancouver Plumbing is only a phone call away! Contact us at our phone number (604) 210-6506 or email us at

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