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Why does a garbage disposal not turn on

Are you looking for the best garburator repair in Vancouver, BC? Has your garburator stopped working? Do you need garbage disposal replacement parts? Are you sick of your kitchen sink food waste disposer always overflowing with water? Do you need a new sink with a food disposer? A bad garburator could cause this, and that means it’s time you seek the help of a professional. If you are looking for the best provider of plumbing and garburator system service and garburator repair in Vancouver, look no further. Contact Metro Vancouver Plumbing all your plumbing, heating and garbage disposal for residential, industrial and commercial maintenance today! We will answer all your garbage disposal replacement cost and repair questions.

Garburators, also known as garbage disposals, are plumbing units designed to eliminate food wastes with water via the drain in your sink. These electrically powered plumbing units are installed beneath your kitchen sink connected to the drain to shred food scraps into tiny pieces that can effortlessly pass through the garburator pipes below the sink with the help of water below the water drain. Like any appliance in your home, the waste disposing unit will also need maintenance repairs from time to time. Call the best garbage disposal repair in Vancouver for help.

Knowing what you can and cannot dispose of inside the drain of the garburator will prolong the life of your garburator and save you lots of money on plumbing service, repair, and maintenance from Metro Vancouver Plumbing. While garburators are highly effective when it comes to grinding and getting rid of food waste with the help of water in your home through the plumbing, there’s an array of items which you shouldn’t put inside the drain pipe unit as they may become trapped causing blockages. Some of the items can permanently damage your garbage disposing of systems below the sink beyond repair causing extensive maintenance. Just like any other mechanical appliance in your home, at times they will need plumbing and garburator systems repair. When the need for garburator repair does occur, you need the services of the best providers of plumbing Vancouver and garburator systems repair and service such as Metro Vancouver Plumbing organization, the best Vancouver garburator repair services.

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Common Reasons Why Your Garburator Isn’t Working

MVP is your go to source for effective New Westminster plumbing & garburator repair in Vancouver BC. We keep the prices low when it comes to garbage disposal repair cost. Give us a call today, and we will answer all your questions like, how much does it cost to fix the garbage disposal? Why does a garbage disposal not turn on? How long does it take to install a garbage disposing of the unit? All these questions can be answered with a simple phone call to the best garbage disposal repair in Vancouver. Call MVP if you have any of the following plumbing problems.

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1. The Unit is Jammed

A clogged or stuck garburator happens very frequently. The unit is jammed when there is a humming noise coming from the motor but the machine isn’t grinding debris. Sometimes simply running water will clear the clog. However if this doesn’t work, and you still hear a hum, do not reach into the kitchen garburator to clear the clog, instead, call the best professional service who can safely remove the clog from the drain and make necessary repairs to the plumbing and waste disposing unit for you.

2. Operating Poorly

If your garburator plumbing system is grinding slowly or poorly, ensure you run enough water when operating it. Letting the water run for several minutes after putting waste in the unit will remove residual crud and ensure no clogs develop. If this does not solve the problem, shut the water and the garburator systems and call Metro Vancouver Plumbing for repair service for the Vancouver area, get redirected here to learn more about our service area.

3. Doesn't Turn On

Are you flipping the disposal switch on and nothing happens? Several things may cause this problem, but the most common is that the reset button has popped out. If pressing the reset button doesn’t solve the problem, it could indicate an electrical problem or that the garburator systems have locked up. Shut off the water and the garburator and call Metro Vancouver Plumbing right away for repair, installation, and services from the best garburator repair in Vancouver.

4. Water Leakage

Sometimes the water pipe of the waste disposing unit goes bad, either because the pipe is old or seals are worn. If you see water accumulating under the sink with food disposer, check pipes for water drips or water run marks. MVP's residential plumbing repair can help you with these issues. Places that might be the sources of water leaks include the drain, the dishwasher hose, the flange, and the bottom of the disposal unit. If you are unable to fix the water leak yourself, shut off the water and the garburator and call Metro Vancouver Plumbing for the best emergency Insinkerator garbage disposal repair and maintenance in the Vancouver area.

5. Is broken or damaged beyond repair

Unfortunately, like all appliances, garburators tend to wear down over time and ultimately need repairs or even replacement. Immediate service or replacement of the garbage disposal from Metro Vancouver Plumbing may be necessary if you have resolved any of the above issues and the garburator systems still aren't working.

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Benefits of a Garburator

A garburator will not only help control the accumulation of unnecessary waste but help keep the area clean of excess waste and pollution.

  • Helps create a greener environment

Owning a garburator in your home means that you are less likely to use plastic or paper to dispose of your waste. It also means that you reduce greenhouse gases produced by waste in landfills.

  • More hygienic and cleaner conditions for your house

Typically, one would throw your leftovers into trash bags, which creates a perfect environment for bacteria to thrive. However, with a kitchen disposal, you only scrape the leftovers into the drain and let the unit do the work for you.

  • Affords you massive savings as well as reducing plumbing problems

In the long run, it will save you a ton on plumbing repairs because your drains will be less likely to clog because of food and other debris.

  • Kitchen smells better

The fact that you don’t have any stinky waste lying around in your house means that your kitchen will always smell fresh. Run some water and wash them down the drain. This website will give you with more smell tips & advice.

Call Metro Vancouver Plumbing at 604-210-6506 for installation of your own disposal unit from the best garburator repair in Vancouver BC. Garbage disposals are highly valuable units to every household. 

What Not to Put In Your Garbage Disposal

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If you’ve clogged the disposal and the water won’t drain because you put something in it that you shouldn’t have, call the best garbage disposal repair in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Plumbing. When operating optimally, a garburator mashes up all food you wash with water down the drain. However, some items can’t be processed in the pipe of a waste disposing unit and will result in a call for plumbing installation, service and garburator repair in Vancouver like Metro Vancouver Plumbing.

#1: Coffee grounds

Coffee grounds can be deceptive. They appear to be washed down the drain with water only for them to accumulate and cause a sludgy residue in your drain resulting in the need for repairs.

#2: Oil, Grease, Fat

Oil, grease, and fat will clog your drains with or without a disposal unit, even if you use hot water. Avoid unnecessary service by not placing these items in your disposing unit.

#3: Pasta & Rice

Pasta and rice expand when exposed to water. Highly avoid putting them into your waste disposing unit.

#4: Egg Shells

The membrane lining of a shell can stick to either side of your unit, wrap around the shredder, and ultimately cause damage to moving parts resulting in the need for immediate service.

#5: Celery and Broccoli stalks

These foods consist of fibrous strings that tangle around the disposal’s blade and jam the unit even when running water, resulting in the need for service repair from Metro Vancouver Plumbing, whether you need plumber in Port Coquitlam BC or other close locations, MVP is always ready to help.

#6: Potato peels

Potatoes create a soupy mess that will build up over time, causing rust and bacteria to grow. This will lead to a complete breakdown of the unit which will result in repair or total replacement. Call Metro Vancouver Plumbing for installation cost of a new garbage disposal.

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How to maintain a Garbage Disposal

repair garbage disposal stuck

By employing the following tips, you’ll not only extend the life of your waste disposer and avoid unnecessary service to the garbage disposal, but you’ll also prevent jams and clogs in the drain resulting in the need for plumbing service, repair, and installation from the best garbage disposing unit maintenance company in Vancouver, Metro Vancouver Plumbing.

  • Run disposal regularly

Frequently running your system helps prevent rust and corrosion that will lead to the unit seizing up. It also ensures that there is no leftover scrap, which can lead to clogs and odors.

  • Use cold water

Unlike hot water, cold water hardens waste, making it easier for the garburator to grind and push the waste out the drain pipe. This will keep your waste disposing system working at its best.

  • Cut your waste into smaller pieces

Cut your waste into small chunks when putting them into the waste disposing unit. Any waste left too large will cause the unit to overwork, clog, or jam the unit.

  • Clean the inside

As you are cleaning your kitchen, give the drain and the disposing unit a quick clean to eliminate any build up. The buildup of oils and debris will increase chances of a clog resulting in a repair call.

  • Grind thoroughly

Not grinding wastes thoroughly will result in unnecessary repair of the unit. Prolong the life of your garburator by thoroughly flushing any waste through the waste disposing unit to prevent any jams or clogs in your drain. If you don’t hear a grinding noise, call a plumber.

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