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Vancouver Burst Pipe & Water Leak Repair Services

You wake up to water going everywhere at two in the morning, and you direly need a burst pipe repair fast. This is one of the worst disasters that can happen in your home. Call Metro Vancouver Plumbing for emergency plumbing and gas line repairs right away because always we put safety first. We service the entire Vancouver area, both commercial and residential properties.

For professional maintenance from one of our certified licensed plumbing technicians, you need a company that knows exactly how to fix the problem fast. We offer 24/7 emergency burst water line repair for our entire service area meaning we should be the first company you call for Vancouver burst pipe repair. All our plumbers Vancouver are certified, licensed and bonded so you know that you are not only getting the best maintenance for your plumbing and water system needs but that it is done by someone you can trust. We handle all plumbing complexities of burst water line systems repairs or installation for everything from commercial to residential plumbing. No matter how big the job or what day it is, Metro Vancouver Plumbing will get your water line systems repaired and save you on with the rest of your day.

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Most Common Causes of Burst Pipes

outdoor water pipe repair

Several circumstances can create the need for burst pipe repair from the most trusted name in burst pipe repair in Vancouver. There are several ways a line can burst as well as several different locations throughout your property where it will burst such as ones that are underground can burst.

An easy way to know if you have a burst underground is to check for a pooling of water in one location of your yard over the section of system that has burst. MVP can handle all plumbing in Port Moody which you can consider when you experience leaking pipes. Water will rise to the surface of your yard when a line bursts because of the pressure. Another sign of a burst underground is a loss in water pressure with no leaks on any visible piping. If you suspect a unit has burst underground, call MVP for residential and commercial plumbing solutions such as underground water pipe repair.

Pipes that are outdoors such as an outdoor hose connection or exposed plumbing units on the exterior of your property are prone to burst or rupture, especially in the winter time near the fittings and coupling. Call MVP's North Vancouver plumbers today to know more about pipes. It is very important to keep outdoor plumbing systems insulated and covered to protect them from the elements. If you notice that an outdoor line is leaking or appears to be damaged and burst, give us a call for services of outdoor water pipe repair or installation.

Pipes can also burst in the kitchen resulting in immediate fixes for pipe fitting. This includes under the sink to the dishwasher or even behind the refrigerator if your fridge has a water dispenser. This includes the kitchen drain line as well. The most common reason a kitchen drain line bursts are from a clog large clog that formed within the drainage systems. Metal pipes, such as copper units may require soldering tools to repair. For all your kitchen drain pipe repair needs, as well as any other plumbing lines services in the kitchen including the garbage disposal, give Metro Vancouver Plumbing a call for the services of pipes in Vancouver.

Just like in your kitchen, the plumbing in your bathroom is no different. Those in the bathroom are prone to clogs especially the drains. Tub and shower drain gets clogged with hair. Even if you don’t realize it, you wash a lot of hair down the drains over time and it begins to build up in the units. Read this article to have a drain with less hair. Therefore, using a drain screen is very important. For a services quote on bathtub drain pipe repair or any other quick fixes for plumbing lines, give us a call today.

Lastly, if you notice any strange odors coming from the drainage systems in your home whether it be in the kitchen or the bathroom, this could be an indication that the vent line is clogged or damaged and in need of plumbing repairs. The vent pipe allows the odors from the plumbing to escape outside the home. For odors coming from the drains, give us a call for immediate vent pipe repair. Metro Vancouver plumbing is here to help with all your plumbing systems installation and emergency water pipe repair needs.

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What to Do If You Have a Burst Pipe

The second you find a burst pipe in or around you home, immediately shut off the water and call Metro Vancouver Plumbing for emergency burst pipe repairs. In some cases, a c-clamp can temporarily hold a burst rubber pipe together. A burst unit can cause major damage to your property in and around your home, see this page for emergency tips. Keep portable water handy until water reclaimed. This is one maintenance decision that must be taken seriously.

Quick fixes will lead to long term problems. Duct tape doesn’t fix everything, it will only work to temporarily stop a section of pipe with a pinhole leak. Some home maintenance repairs require two semicircular gasket material a c-clamp against the pipe, pex tubing, a pipe cutter, and copper fittings for proper connections installation for the damaged section especially to repair frozen pipe.

For new construction, a qualified plumber should install construction fittings, fixes for burst or leaky stem. If you see a pipe is leaking in your new home, apply pressure to stop a pinhole leak. Tape around the damaged section, surround the pipe and slip on coupling till a qualified plumber arrives for plumbing repair.

Small leak involves fittings valves pex, leaky stem faucet, or simply tighten the screw holding the clamps.

Don’t depend on other pipe bursting companies to do the job as important as this. You need a company you can trust for all your services like burst pipe repair services in Vancouver. Contact us for an emergency plumber, even outside business hours, to repair brass, fittings valves, protection fittings, plumbing system and water oxygen barrier.

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DIY Tips to Keep Pipes in Good Shape

There are several things you can do yourself when it comes to pipe repair plumbing. Preventative maintenance is the best defense against unnecessary pipe burst repair cost. Water damage can be an expensive project to repair, so put these plumbing tips to use and take that extra step in preventing burst units.

outdoor water pipe repair
  • Keep your kitchen drain pipe clean by never pouring oils or grease into your sink or garbage disposal. If you suspect a clog is forming, use drain cleaning solution products to clean the drains. Keep electrical parts dry. If you do get a clog, try to remove it yourself as soon as possible. For any questions or assistance in kitchen drain pipe repair call Vancouver’s burst pipe repair experts to help.
  • Twice a year, clean the area around your hot water tank including the pipes. If you notice any signs of a leak call burst pipe repair plumber for hot water pipe leak repair, installation, and maintenance.
  • Use a drain screen over the bathtub and shower drains. Debris from hair and certain hygiene product can build up in the drains of your bathroom resulting in clogs that can damage the drains beyond repairs. For help with bathtub drain pipe repair, give Metro Vancouver Plumbing a call.
  • Keep all outdoor lines near your house covered and insulated from the elements, especially in the winter time when temperatures are below freezing to prevent any liquid from freezing in the pipes and causing them to burst. pipe sleeves are a great design for insulating pipes. A licensed technician can help with all water main repair in Vancouver BC & outdoor water system tips and questions.
  • Tighten leaky faucet, shower heads and remove or replace broken material in your plumbing. Make sure new faucets fit snuggly to avoid a leak.
  • Lastly, prevent unnecessary hot water pipe repair by cleaning the area around your tank frequently. Remove dust and debris build up from on the tank and frequently check for leaks. Sometimes cleaning is the best solution.

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