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Searching for the best boiler repair in Vancouver area? Metro Vancouver Plumbing is the best choice for all your plumbing, heating, and boiler repair needs. Whether it's commercial or residential heaters and boilers, or just a good old-fashioned heating or plumbing issue, we offer twenty-four-hour emergency services and maintenance from licensed heating repair and plumbing technicians.

At Metro Vancouver Plumbing, our wide array of water, heating, and plumbing services is designed to suit your specific needs and budget, from installation to regular maintenance and repair for all major hot water heaters and boiling unit brands. No job is too big or small for our service professionals. We promise the best quality in private and commercial heating, plumbing and boiler service, or garbage disposal repair in Vancouver. With a quality service promise like that, how could you not give us a call for all of your plumbing installation and maintenance needs?

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Signs that You May Need Boiler Repair

There are many symptoms that indicate whether you need the best Vancouver boiler repair. Signs you need boilers maintenance include your fuel bill rising, unusual noises coming from the heating unit, having a water leak or the water having an unusual smell to it. Water heaters do not take long to heat up, so when they do, it usually calls for concern. It is important not to let these signs linger: the longer they occur, the more likely your boiling unit service could turn into a critical situation. Knowing what to look for can help you quickly diagnose the problem. Don’t wait for that plumbing or water leak to ruin your property: call us at MVP for a quote on emergency boiler repair in Vancouver.

If your boiling unit is not working at a hundred percent, it will become costly, and that’s a very good reason to call for services or repairs. See these warming tips when your boiler breaks down. Your boiling unit should make some noise consistently throughout the day. If any unusual noises occur, turn it off and call for a service. Not fixing the problem could cost you hundreds in replacement costs when all it needs is a proper repair.

Other factors, such as the unit is more than fifteen years old or constantly needing maintenance, is a good indication that it is time for a replacement. Most warranties run out after ten years, so if your boiling unit is more than fifteen years old there is a very good chance the warranty has expired. Older units use more energy than new units, break down more frequently, and need plumbing repairs and it can also be difficult to find the parts for them when they need maintenance. When you get to the point that you are spending more money on a repair than you would on a full replacement of the unit, you should give the professionals a call. Call us today at MVP for free unit repairs and replacement quotes alongside all other plumbing needs. We can help you decide whether your hot water heaters need repair or need to be replaced completely. Our plumbers do it all, from installation to boiler maintenance and repair, providing the most hands-on plumbing and heating experience you can find in Vancouver boiler repair.

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Choosing the Right Boiler for Your Home

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When you decide that it’s time to replace your water boiling unit, choosing the right boiler repair with the right boiler contractor can be quite difficult. Take comfort in knowing that you don’t have to make this decision on your own. The licensed professional plumbers at MVP can help you decide on the perfect boiling system for your home. There are several different types, but the most common are combination boilers, heat only boilers, and system boilers. Combination boilers have heating mechanisms that instantly heat the water as you turn it on, immediately giving you the luxury of hot water at your convenience. This is the most popular choice because it is the most economical when it comes to gas units. Our plumbers in West Vancover BC are the most popular choice for gas boiler repair. There is no need for a water storage tank with this boiling unit. Heat only – or conventional - units are often found in an older style property. This unit needs a place to store hot water and a pump to get the hot water to various parts of the property. There are system units which work with a hot water storage device. These are quick and easy to install because all the heating components are built right into the unit.

When choosing the right boiling unit for your house, we at Metro Vancouver Plumbing look at several factors. The size of your property and type of fuel your property uses is used as a base to see how strong of a heating mechanism you will need. Why not try these space saving ideas to make a better room for your appliances. The efficiency rating of the boiling unit, whether it is a high-efficiency unit, the life expectancy of the equipment, and the warranty are also very useful.

Replacing your unit can be expensive, but choosing a quality new unit model from the best units on the market will save you money on repairs in the long run. Call us today at MVP for a free quote on a new water boiler installation. Our licensed Vancouver plumbers will guide you through the decision-making process making sure you get the best boiling unit for you without spending a fortune. We provide the best quality installation and system maintenance in Vancouver.

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DIY Tips to Maintain Your Boiler

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Between water boiler installation and regular service calls, it is important to maintain the system of your water boiler unit in yourself which is why you need the best boiler repair in Vancouver cause we serve all Metro areas. We are the right choice for gas boiler installation and home boiler repair and all your home heating needs. Proper maintenance is key to troubleshooting your gas unit and the best in metro Vancouver boiler repair can help with repair or replacement of a new gas boiler, help you clear the grit and grime, help with annual boiler service and offer long term solutions to your repair needs.There are much troubleshooting for gas boiler you can do on your own to ensure your unit is working at its best. This is also a good way to catch a problem before it becomes major damage, especially if you don’t want to spend money on costly plumbing repairs.

  • Start with turning the heat on in regular intervals before you actually need it. Towards the end of summer, early fall, turn on the heat and ensure that it's heating up properly. You don’t want to wait till it's below freezing outside to find out your heat is down.
  • You should also check your boiling unit’s pressure. The method for doing this is different depending on the type of unit you have. If you are unsure how to do this, give one of our licensed technicians at Metro Vancouver Plumbing a call and a certified professional will be glad to show you how before you need a costly repair.
  • Check that it has good ventilation. Just like any other heating system, boiling units need good heat ventilation to work at their best. Keep clutter away from your unit, not only for the heating ventilation but also to prevent creating a fire hazard.
  • Lastly, bleed your radiators and check for a blue flame, get more info here to understand fire color meaning. To bleed the radiators, find a radiator key, turn off the heating mechanism, and open the valves of your radiator. Catch the drips of water from the valves in a disposable container. Wait for the water to come out of the bleed valve of the radiator before closing the valve. Check the boiler’s pressure level and pipes and repeat the process on all the radiators within your property. If you are unsure how to do this, contact Metro Vancouver Plumbing, the best boiler service in Vancouver for help.
  • If the flame is yellow instead of blue it could indicate the presence of carbon monoxide, which can be extremely dangerous to anyone exposed to it. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can be fatal to everyone in your home if not detected quickly. If your detector starts to go off, immediately shut off your water heaters and the heat and leave the area. When you are a safe distance away, call your fire department and then call our emergency service at MVP to get to the bottom of the problem quickly. Don’t put your family’s life at risk when all you need is a simple fix.

Not everyone is comfortable doing the heating maintenance themselves which is okay. If you are not comfortable doing regular heating maintenance yourself or if you find any plumbing issues, give us a call. We happily fix all commercial and residential boilers and water heaters in the Vancouver area. Let our boiler repair contractor fix all your leaking boiler repair problems. We are the best in boiler maintenance and repair. Whether you need commercial boiler repair, need to know the cost of boiler repair, or have an emergency boiler repair need, Metro Vancouver plumbing is here to help with a professional analysis.

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Whether for your free estimate, questions for one of our many licensed technicians, or the twenty-four-hours top notch service, MVP is here to help you with all your plumbing emergency and routine boiler repair in Vancouver. We regularly service water heaters and boilers in the Vancouver area.

Knowing what to look for when maintaining your boiling unit is essential to saving yourself and your wallet. Not everyone knows what to do to properly care for and maintain their water heaters and that’s where we come in. Don’t let your little problem turn into a big emergency. Not only do we offer the best service in the Vancouver area, but our professionally licensed plumbing technicians work around the clock to provide you with the best service available for all your heat repair needs. We will not only fix the heating problem but plumbing and water lines as well. We will also take the time to show you how to prevent it from happening again and increase the lifespan of your heating system with proper regular maintenance. Now that’s quality service!

Our plumbers serve thousands of commercial and residential plumbing customers all over the Vancouver area. So, whether you are in North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster, Port Coquitlam, or in Port Moody, Burnaby, or Coquitlam, our plumbers are on standby ready to save the day. No matter where in the area you are, we can be there in no time to fix all your broken heating, plumbing, and boiler installation, repairs and replacement issues. We regularly service water heaters and boilers, so you can trust that our expert boiler installation technicians will get the job done right for your boiler home heating.

A faulty water boiler poses many risks to the safety of your health and your property. Call a licensed professional to schedule an inspection today. It is not just a fire hazard, but it can put your residence at risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. Don’t take the risk of calling plumbers you don’t know and trust, just because you saw them in a commercial. Instead, give us a call and take comfort in knowing the plumbing job will be done right the first time. You can rely on Metro Vancouver Plumbing for all of your commercial and residential heating, plumbing, drain and local boiler repair service needs in the Vancouver area. Recommend us today to help save another homeowner thousands in heating units repair costs and give them the best quality residential heating system repairing service. We have the best boilers in the business and considered the best boiler repairs in Vancouver.We are committed to your customer satisfaction! MVP is only a phone call away! Contact us at (604) 210-6506 or email us at

I was very pleased with how the plumbers fixed my boiler. They were efficient and friendly. They simpilified some technical terms and explained gas leak as the reason for the broken boiler. I would gladly hire them again. Good job!

Amanda H., Porty Moody BC

In the middle of the winter cold weather, my boiler suddenly broke down leaving us with no hot water! I immediately called Metro Vancouver Plumbing although I know it's pretty late at night. The next thing I know it's already fixed! They work so fast and professional, a very reliable company with reasonable cost.

Gerald A., Port Coquitlam BC