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Vancouver Bathroom Plumbing, Repair & Remodeling Services

Metro Vancouver plumbing is here to help you with all your bathroom plumbing repair services. Our highly trained technicians are available 24/7 for all your emergency bathroom plumbing repair needs. We offer same day service so you won’t have to be without a bathroom at your home.

There are several reasons why you would need to call a plumber service. If you turned the faucet off and it's still dripping in the sink or the shower, the toilet is still running hours after the last flush, the toilet, sink or tub is clogged and after hours of exhausting plunging it out with a plunger you still can’t get the water moving, or you are completely remodeling your bathroom at home. No matter what fixing problems arise, Metro Vancouver plumbing service can fix it. Whether it’s your sinks, faucets, tubs, toilets, pipe lines or the drains, MVP has got you covered. We are the solution to your entire bathroom plumbing repair and replacement needs, whether you are looking for Port Coquitlam plumbers or farther, MVP is here to help. Get a free estimate now.

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Our Bathroom Plumbing Services Includes:

Metro Vancouver plumbing can help with all types of plumbing services including remodeling, renovations, fixes, routine maintenance and new construction. So, whether you are building a new home, fixing or remodeling your old one, we can help with all your bathroom plumbing in Vancouver. Do you need new fixtures such as faucets or shower heads?

We got your covered; we can install or replace new fixtures in your new or existing restroom. We also help with basement bathroom plumbing in Vancouver, BC, to repair bathroom sink faucet, bathroom faucet handles repair and bathroom shower faucet repair. Don’t let leaks cause damage in your bathroom. Let Metro Vancouver plumbing maintenance service your sinks and bathing units. We also do the best toilet repair in Vancouver as well as replacement or installation of new units, leaky bathroom faucet repair, repair bathroom sink drain stopper, bathroom drain repair, two handle bathroom faucet repair, bathroom drain repair and bathroom repair and remodel. Need a new unit? We can upgrade or fix your existing unit, bathtub making your bathroom look like new. We have the best bathroom contractors in Vancouver to help with all your bathroom leakage repair and replacement needs.

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Most Common Bathroom Plumbing Problems

There is an extensive list of problems that can occur with the plumbing of your restroom. Some problems cannot be fixed and that means installing new units to replace what is broken. This includes the pipe, and fixtures. No plumbing improvement or replacement projects are too big to too small for MVP.

If you notice a sewer smell coming from your restroom this could indicate an issue with the septic lines or a clogged vent. MVP can be there quickly to fix the problem.

Have you gone into the bathroom and noticed that the toilet is still running? Our Burnaby plumbing services can help you solve this issue. This could drastically increase your water bill and is an issue that needs to be fixed immediately. A running unit usually indicates a stuck float or broken handle of it.

Another common issue is poor pressure. Most of the time if you are experiencing poor water pressure in the bathroom, you will have poor pressure in the kitchen. This could indicate a bad pressure regulation valve on your pipe lines that need to be fixed quickly. However, if the poor water pressure is only in the bathroom, this could be a sign of a leak in the pipes going to the fixtures or a clogged pipe line. Don’t take any chances with this and call MVP immediately to prevent serious damage to your plumbing or damage to your home from hidden plumbing leaks. These leaks can cause ridiculous raise in your water bill so check this saving tips.

Are your sink and tub taking forever to drain? This is a sign of a clog forming in the drain lines and should be resolved quickly before it becomes a major issue. A clogged toilet drain usually happens when hair and toothpaste wash down the drain completely. To prevent this, use a drain screen to keep debris from building up in the drain.

A clogged unit is also a very common plumbing problem. We can fix all common plumbing system & maintenance issues including repair toilet, drain lines, fix leaky pipes, bathtub, water pressure, installation tub, pipe installing, nozzle repairs, tub and shower fixes, frozen water pipes, maintenance or replace water supply, toilet seat, clogged drain pipes, fix leaky taps, running water & hidden leaks. For all your home service & plumbers in Vancouver, BC, give Metro Vancouver Plumbing a call.

Lastly, if you are experiencing a leaky faucet it is likely that the seals have gone bad in the faucet. Call Metro Vancouver Plumbing to have a licensed plumber solve all your leaky, clogged or slow draining plumbing problems. The best Vancouver plumbing for bathroom fixing issues, no matter how big or small the project, we’ve got you covered with all the best parts and materials to fit every design ideas. With our plumbing units’ restoration and repairing experience, you’ll have the best-looking bath around. For all your plumbing related home improvement and replacement needs and estimate, give MVP a call.

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DIY Plumbing Tips to Maintain Your Bathroom

The best maintenance when it comes to your plumbing is preventative maintenance. MVP is the best utility and plumbing bathroom in Vancouver, BC. Now, plumbing in Burnaby is never that hard anymore because MVP got your back. We’re here to fix common plumbing issues such as drain repairs, fix leaky faucets, valves toilet repair, bathtub fixes, the air gap in the drains, replacing a toilet, faucet fixing and installing new fixtures. Our services will save money on install or repair of plumbing lines in BC. For all your repairs and upgrades, remove, repair or replace a new plumbing system, we are the best.

  • Placing screens over the drains will prevent debris from daily activities. Get genius design ideas for your bathroom.
  • Regularly cleaning your bathroom is one of the best ways you can protect the plumbing in it. Organizing cleaning will help you spot common plumbing problems before they become major ones. Clean the inside of your units, bathtub after brushing your teeth or shaving and avoid washing the debris down the drain as this can create clogs. Instead, use a paper towel or washcloth to wipe off the mess.
  • Clean your shower heads easily and effectively by placing a zip lock bag filled with white vinegar around the shower head with it inside the bag and completely submerged in the vinegar. Let it sit for several hours. Remove the bag and wipe down the surface of the shower head with a microfiber cloth. Vinegar helps break down soap scum and hard water deposits that build up in the holes of the shower head over time. Doing this once a month will help preserve the life of your shower head and keep the pipeline pressure at its best.
  • Clean in and around the faucets and drains, look for signs of rot and decay not just in the plumbing lines but in the flooring around the tubs, and sinks as well as in the tiles. If the floor looks like it is rotting this could be a sign of a major leak and could be the first sign of serious damage to it. Here are some useful tips on how to unclog sinks.
  • Unclog drains as soon as you spot a clog to prevent building up in the water pipes. Use a water softener to help prevent the buildup of hard water deposits.

Doing your part in maintaining your bathroom will help MVP do a better job for you in BC. Call us today for a free service estimate and ask a plumber what you can do to help your restroom stay in perfect working order including the water heater.

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They came to personally assess the situation shortly after I called. My bathroom sink had a leaking pipe and the smell is awful. Their plumber worked professionally and in a very timely manner. I would call them again if anything goes wrong.

Salvador D., North Vancouver BC

Absolutely amazing company to deal with. They're all very professional from how they handled my call to how they assess the situation. They arrived just in time. Had a visitor coming over that day and they did best to finish the work as soon as possible. Would happily recommend them to my friends and family.

Scott V., Burnaby BC